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  • The starting point for the marble Hover Bowl was an interest in the idea that there is something inherently fascinating about a heavy object that floats or hovers in the air. In such a manner, this simple and refined bowl has been designed to trigger just such a fascination. 

    Curved on both sides, the shape gives the bowl a weightless look – almost as if it is floating. A strong contrast is therefore evoked between the heavy marble and Hover Bowl’s expressive light shape. The versatile bowl can be accommodated in your daily routine for multiple purposes.

    Use as a soap dish in the kitchen or bathroom, as a candle holder, or to hold personal items such as keys. In the dining room, make it the centrepiece of your table – all the better to admire the beauty inherent in the natural grain of the marble.

    Designed by Norm Architects

  • H350mm x Ø215mm

  • Honed brown marble

  • This item will be shipped early September.

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